Week 9 Database Corruption Challenge

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Challenge #9 Details

If you have been participating for the previous Database Corruption Challenges, you know the routine, but if you are new to the competition you might want to look over some of the previous challenges.

This week you are given a corrupt database and you need to remove the corruption without losing any data. This challenge will work on any version of SQL Server from SQL Server 2005 or newer.

Good Luck!

Submitting Your Solution

When you think you have success, run the following query and send me the results, along with the usual:

  • Detailed steps with what you did to complete the challenge.
  • Proof that you removed the corruption or to restore the missing data, and that you didn’t lose any data.
  • Optional:  Include your nationality when you submit your solution. One of the participants suggested that we include this on the scoring page.
  • The output from the following query:
	   FROM [OPEN_NFIRS].[Record1100] ) as check1,
    ( SELECT COUNT(OPEN_NFIRS.Record1100.AgeOfPerson)
        FROM [OPEN_NFIRS].[Record1100]
	   WITH (INDEX = 1)) as check2,
    ( SELECT COUNT(OPEN_NFIRS.Record1100.AgeOfPerson)
        FROM [OPEN_NFIRS].[Record1100]
	   WITH (INDEX = 2) ) AS check3,
        FROM [OPEN_NFIRS].[Record1000] ) as check4,
        FROM [OPEN_NFIRS].[Record1005] ) as check5,
    ( SELECT CHECKSUM_AGG(CHECKSUM([OPEN_NFIRS].[Record1100].[AgeOfPerson]))
        FROM [OPEN_NFIRS].[Record1100] )as check6

Mail your results to steveEmailbefore Thursday July 9th, 2015 at 5:00pm pacific time. Results will be posted soon after that.

Competition Dates

The competition begins at 8:00am (Pacific time) on Monday July 6th. The competition ends on Thursday July 9th, 2015 at 5:00pm (Pacific time).

Additional Clues

No additional clues have been posted yet.

Bonus Point

There is a bonus point this week for those who get the solution right the first time they submit to me. Check your answers before submitting. I am happy to help you out, you just don’t get the bonus point if you need the additional help.


The first to provide a winning solution just 58 minutes after the Corruption Challenge was started was Eduardo Rezende, who has competed in the last 2 challenges.

  • #1 – Eduardo Rezende
  • #2 – Dan Andrei Stefan
  • #3 – David Patterson
  • Raul Gonzalez
  • Gustavo Ayala
  • Patrick Flynn
  • Roger Hullstrung
  • Neil Abrahams
  • Sabin Bio
  • Ivan Rodriguez Camejo
  • Justin Manning
  • Rob Farley
  • Subhro Saha
  • André Kamman
  • Andrew Pruski
  • Pasquale Ceglie
  • Michael Docherty
  • Kumar Muppa
  • Lucas Kartawidjaja

See the Current Scores page for scoring details.

File Download

The zip file contains a single full backup.


Good luck!  Enjoy the challenge.

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