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The Database Corruption Challenge (DBCC 2015) t-shirt is now available at CafePress. It looks something like this.


Check it out and order one to show your participation in the Database Corruption Challenge.

Last week, I mentioned that I would come up with prizes for the contest, and that the prizes would be based on the number of participants each week. So here is what I have come up with:

Currently we have between 20 and 30 participants in the corruption challenge each week. At that level, I give the winner a t-shirt similar to the one shown above.

If we have more than 50 participants per week, I will give away 3 t-shirts. More than 100 participants, then I will give away 10 t-shirts.

If we can get to 200 participants per week, then I will give away 15 t-shirts to the top scoring participants, and the #1 top scoring participant will get a dinner or something interesting to be awarded in Seattle around the time of the SQL PASS SUMMIT.

If you are interested in participating, and would like to get advanced notice of when the next Corruption Challenge will begin, please signup for my newsletter to get that advance notice.


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