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With all the interest in the Database Corruption Challenge, and the hundreds of email message I have exchanged with people over the last 3 days relating to the Database Corruption Challenge, I have decided to set up a newsletter mailing list to use to notify people of the upcoming Database Corruption Challenges, and other interesting tidbits.

Sign up for the newsletter to get notified of upcoming Database Corruption Challenges. You will get notified ahead of time when the corruption challenge will be posted.

I would love to contact everyone individually, however the list of people interested in the Corruption Challenge is getting to big to easily manage.

Just click here to go to the newsletter signup form.

What if I don’t want to subscribe to the newsletter?

That’s no problem, I will be announcing the Database Corruption Challenge on Twitter after it is posted. Just follow me on Twitter  @sqlEmt, and watch for updates.

Will you spam me?

No. You will only receive information related to SQL Server topics, like the corruption challenge, like Database Health Monitor, my and company (Stedman Solutions), blog posts, things like that. If you end up getting too much email, it is easy to unsubscribe.

Will you sell my email address?

No your email address will be used by my, and my company Stedman Solutions, LLC. The only way that your email address would be sold would be if someone was to purchase my entire company Stedman Solutions, LLC. which is very unlikely at this point.

Just click here to go to the newsletter signup form.


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