The Walking Desk

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Lately I was asked a question about getting steps in using my FitBit.

The answer is the walking desk. This allows me to use my computer while walking on the treadmill at 2.2 miles per hour. 2.1mph to 2.4mph for me is the optimal walking speed to still be able to use the keyboard and the mouse effectively.

I originally purchased the treadmill about 2 years ago, but didn’t use it much until I got the FitBit last February. Since getting the FitBit, it has really motivated me to use the treadmill at my walking desk.


The treadmill is a special low speed treadmill with no front console. The controls for the treadmill are on the console that sits to the right of my keyboard. The treadmill is made my TreadDesk, and is available on  I found this one on craigslist. Its not your normal high performance treadmill like you might see at the gym, instead it is a low profile treadmill designed to work under a standing desk.

The desk is something that I built using 4×4 posts for the legs.  The desktop came from a used office furniture store, and actually had an asset tag on it from SeaFirst bank, who was acquired by BofA many years ago.  The laser printer sits to the left of the treadmill just under the desktop.

The monitor is a 40 inch 1080p television that connects to my computer that is located in the closet behind the wall. The reason for the 40 inch monitor is to make it easier to view while walking.


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