Database Corruption Challange 6 – Coming Soon

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Hello everyone, the last week I have not been able to keep everyone as up to date on the Database Corruption Challenge as I would like to. Life has just turned really busy in the last 10 days, but I want to let everyone know that the next corruption challenge is coming soon. There are a few people that I still owe some email responses to from the last challenge, I promise that I will get caught up on those this coming weekend.

In the last  10 days I have presented to an online PASS Virtual Chapter, presented at SQL Saturday Redmond, and presented at the local Bellingham SQL Server users group. I have also had the opportunity to work on corruption in a real world database, utilizing my skills from the Database Corruption Challenge.

The good news is that at 7 weeks into my consulting business, work is good, there is plenty of work out there, and my weekdays are full again. The downside of that is that the  Coruption Challenge needs to shift back to weekend time for me as I don’t have time on weekday to respond to all that great solution that people provide.

For those who subscribe to my newsletter you will get the exact adavance notice on the next corruption challenge. Those who aren’t subscribed, check back regularly and know that Challenge #6 is coming in the next few days.

Life is good, its has just been very busy. The next Database Corruption Challenge is coming soon.

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