Week 2 of the Database Corruption Challenge

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Welcome to week 2 of the database corruption challenge.

Hi, I am Steve Stedman and I have created this challenge to help the best and brightest SQL Server DBAs on the planet test their skills and to show expertise to the world.

The winner last week was Brent Ozar, I would just like to congratulate him again on winning the first Database Corruption Challenge (DBCC). Nice job Brent.

On to the week 2 challenge:

Here is it is.


Click here to find out about the week 2 database corruption challenge.


Enjoy the challenge. I look forward to seeing the solutions.

-Steve Stedman


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One comment on “Week 2 of the Database Corruption Challenge
  1. Satish K Immidisetty says:

    DBCC Updateusage will fix this

    DBCC Updateusage(‘database’,’table’,’index name’)

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