SQL Query Training – Next Week – Set Operators, Derived Tables and CTEs

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The SQL Training was a lot of fun this week we covered Top, Ranking, NTILE, and Analytic functions in preparation for the Microsoft 70-461 exam.

Next week Aaron Buma and I will be presenting Set Operators, Derived Tables and CTEs. The live session will be with Google On Air Broadcasts Thursday Feb 12th at 9:00am (pacific). This is a FREE SQL Training available to anyone who would like to attend.

This one will be even more fun for me, as I will be presenting on CTEs. CTE stands for Common Table Expression which is a way to have a temporary result set similar to a subquery or derived table in SQL Server.  I have spent a great deal of time studying CTEs over the last several years, and in 2013 I published a book on Common Table Expressions.


The CTE part of the presentation will include the following:

  • Introduction to Memory Tables and CTEs
  • Simple CTE
  • CTE Instead of a Derived Table
  • Multiple CTE in a Query
  • Data Paging
  • CTEs in Stored Procedures, Functions and Views
  • Introduction To Recursive CTEs

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Common Table Expressions Book

If you enjoyed this posting, and want to learn more about common table expressions, please take a look at my book on CTE’s at Amazon.com. The book is titled Common Table Expressions – Joes 2 Pros® – A CTE Tutorial on Performance, Stored Procedures, Recursion, Nesting and the use of Multiple CTEs.

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2 comments on “SQL Query Training – Next Week – Set Operators, Derived Tables and CTEs
  1. Robert Jubb says:

    Look forward to it

  2. Martyn Jones says:

    Hi Steve

    Looking forward to this! I was wondering if you’d also be recording the session?



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