Beta 7++ Additional Cleanup on the Technical Debt

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Again following the Agile philosophy of Release Early and Release Often, there is another minor release of Database Health Beta 7.  I called this one Beta 7++, the version has been updated to In this version the following minor features were added based on customer feedback and requests.

1. When filtering the Technical Debt by a specific type, which you can do by double clicking on the Debt By Type list, you can now un-filter, or clear the filter with the “Clear Filter and Show All” button.


2. When analyzing a single object for Technical Debt, when the analysis is complete, there is now a “Refresh” button displayed below the Analyze button to quickly re-analyze the same object. Also the Analysis Complete message has been extended to include the name of the object being analyzed.


3. Unrelated to technical debt but still worth mentioning is the reduced severity on the Huge Log Files warning.  Several people had asked for this, it is now less of a forbidding warning message.


That’s it for now. Please give Beta 7 Version 5.12 a try.

Have a great day!

-Steve Stedman

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