Unleashing Common Table Expressions

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On the next two Saturdays I will be presenting the Unleashing Common Table Expressions presentation at SQL Saturday 172 in Portland Oregon, and SQL Saturday 166 in Olympia Washington.

As part of refreshing the presentation I have added a few more examples of how CTE’s can be used in common practice.

Every time I do this presentation I add a few more samples, some of them are new CTE examples that I have come up with since the last presentation, and others are ones that have been suggested by people who have attended one of the sessions.

I have given the Unleashing Common Table Expressions presentation in the past at other events.


I am looking forward to SQL Saturday 172 in Portland Oregon, and SQL Saturday 166 in Olympia Washington.  It is going to be a great time.


-Steve Stedman

Bellingham WA

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