SQL Saturday 114 in Vancouver BC

Notes from my presentation at SQL Saturday 114 in Vancouver BC on March 17, 2012.

Unleashing Common Table Expressions in SQL Server

Have you ever wanted to create a recursive query, but didn’t see how to do it. With the Common Table Expressions class you will learn everything needed to start using CTE‘s for recursive queries, as a temporary views, and to use the result set multiple times in the same query. Learn how simplify query syntax using CTE‘s. One of the most overlooked features of SQL Server is the CTE which no only simplifies the query, but gives you the ability to do things that would otherwise be impossible (or at least very challenging) with SQL Server. This presentation is targeted for database programmers and administrators who are familiar with TRANSACT SQL, Subqueries, and advanced join techniques.

Session Level: Intermediate

Presentation:  Powerpoint and SQL examples…    SteveStedman_CTE_Vancouver.zip

Using SSRS reports to analyze SQL Server health

Assessing the health of your SQL Server with Several SQL Server Report Server reports designed for DBA’s and database developers to diagnose, and locate common pitfalls of SQL Server. This includes reports for Duplicate Indexes, Index Fragmentation, Big Indexes, Backup Status – backup log, Big One Time Use Queries, Queries Needing Parameters and more.

Session Level: Intermediate

Presentation:  Powerpoint and SQL examples…    ServerHealth_SteveStedman.zip

More info the Server Health project.

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  9. Gordon Kao says:

    A very useful session. Thanks Steve!

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