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This is just a concept that I am working on now, so if anyone has any suggestions or input send them my way.


Here is what I am thinking for the structure:
• 1 hour class per week (45 minutes of lesson, and 15 minutes of Questions and Answers).
• Classes are non-credit and not associated with any school or university.
• Topics to be covered would be anything relating to SQL Server. This would include material like the class that you were in, plus many more topics, including new features in SQL Server 2012.
• The topics would evolve over time based on the interest of students.
• Initially the class would be free, but over time I would like to figure out a way to charge something for it.


Possible Classes

Below are the possible classes for the Virtual Class Schedule

Using SSRS reports to analyze SQL Server health (Class Outline)

Using Subqueries

CTE – Common Table Expressions (Class Outline)

TSQL Tips and Tricks

Joins – Full, Inner, Outer, Cross, Self  (Class Outline)

Indexing for Performance

Whats new in SQL Server 2012

Index Fragmentation and How To Fix it

Installing SQL Server 2012

Query Tuning

Introduction to SQL Server 2012 SSRS Reporting

Backup and Recovery

SQL Server Agent and Maintenance Plans

Stored Procedures, Functions and Triggers


XML in SQL Server

Using SSRS reports to analyze SQL Server health

Planning For And Analyzing Capacity and Growth

Normalization and Denormalization

SQL Server High Availability Strategy

CTE – Common Table Expressions (Class Outline)

Index Fragmentation and How To Fix it

Using SSRS reports to analyze SQL Server health

XML in SQL Server

Interested In A Class?

If you are interested in a class, you should first Vote For The Class Time.

Class Links

Possible Virtual Class Topics


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