Performance Tuning for DBA’s

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This class is intended for DBA’s who are need to get more performance out of their existing SQL Servers.


This class is broken into 3 sessions 4 hours each.

Course Description

  • Course Overview, Introduction to Performance Tuning, General Scaling Options
  • Improving Performance with Indexes. Using Parameterized Queries.
  • Big Tables, Big Indexes, and Big Queries, Creating Partitions
  • Tuning queries for speed, Server Best Practices
  • Procedure Cache, Monitoring your Database, Course Review

Class Sessions

Session 1 – 4 Hours

Topic:   Getting started with Performance Tuning
  • Course Overview
  • Introduction to Performance Tuning
  • General Scaling Options
  • Tools
    • Execution Plan
    • Statistics IO
    • SQL Server Health Check Report
    • Others

Session 2 – 4 Hours

Topic:  Indexes
  • Improving Performance with Indexes. Using Parameterized Queries.
  • Tuning Big Tables
  • Tuning Big Indexes
  • Finding and Removing Duplicate Indexes
  • Index Fragmentation
  • Creating Partitions
Session 3 – 4 Hours
Topic:   More Performance
  • Tuning queries for speed
  • Server Best Practices
  • Procedure Cache
  • Monitoring your Database
  • Finding and Analyzing Deadlocks
  • Course Review
The Database Health Reports will be used as part of this class in order to help find some of the more serious server issues.

SQL Server Performance Tuning Help from Stedman Solutions, LLCSQL Server Performance Tuning Tips

Stedman Solutions offers one day, three day and five day performance tuning packages to help get your SQL Server running faster. With the help of the Database Health Monitor, Stedman Solutions can help find the performance, CPU or I/O bottlenecks to improve the overall performance of your SQL Server.

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