Performance Tuning for DBA’s


This class is intended for DBA’s who are need to get more performance out of their existing SQL Servers.


This class is broken into 3 sessions 4 hours each.

Course Description

  • Course Overview, Introduction to Performance Tuning, General Scaling Options
  • Improving Performance with Indexes. Using Parameterized Queries.
  • Big Tables, Big Indexes, and Big Queries, Creating Partitions
  • Tuning queries for speed, Server Best Practices
  • Procedure Cache, Monitoring your Database, Course Review

Class Sessions

Session 1 – 4 Hours

Topic:   Getting started with Performance Tuning
  • Course Overview
  • Introduction to Performance Tuning
  • General Scaling Options
  • Tools
    • Execution Plan
    • Statistics IO
    • SQL Server Health Check Report
    • Others

Session 2 – 4 Hours

Topic:  Indexes
  • Improving Performance with Indexes. Using Parameterized Queries.
  • Tuning Big Tables
  • Tuning Big Indexes
  • Finding and Removing Duplicate Indexes
  • Index Fragmentation
  • Creating Partitions
Session 3 – 4 Hours
Topic:   More Performance
  • Tuning queries for speed
  • Server Best Practices
  • Procedure Cache
  • Monitoring your Database
  • Finding and Analyzing Deadlocks
  • Course Review
The Database Health Reports will be used as part of this class in order to help find some of the more serious server issues.

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