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SQL Saturday #265 in Portland Oregon

I will be attending SQL Saturday #265 in Portland Oregon on November 16th 2013. This will be my second time attending SQL Saturday in Portland, and it is looking to be a great event. There are some great speakers on

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Advanced CTEs Slides and Samples

Today I presented on Advanced CTEs at SQL Saturday Denver. Here are my slides and sample code for download: Advanced CTEs Denver Thanks to everyone who attended, I hope you enjoyed the presentation. Don’t forget to try out the Database

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In Denver for SQL Saturday

I will be speaking at SQL Saturday Denver, presenting on Advanced Common Table Expressions.  This presentation should be a lot of fun.  I will be covering all the advanced and fun CTE features that I haven’t had time to fit

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I’m Speaking at SQL Saturday #190 in Denver

  One of my sessions was accepted for SQL Saturday #190 in Denver this year. Please come see my CTE presentation. Common Table Expressions – Introduction Have you ever wanted to create a recursive query, but didn’t see how to

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Common Table Expressions Presentations Updated.

I used to be able to do the Common Table Expression in a single 1 hour session, but after writing the book on Common Table Expressions, I discovered that I just can’t fit it into an hour with the detail

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A Great Day At SQL Saturday Redmond

It was a great day at SQL Saturday today. I was able to preview my Common Table Expressions Book at my Common Table Expressions presentation.  The presentation was great, the room was packed, and there were lots of great questions.

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Presenting at SQL Saturday #212 in Redmond Tomorrow

I will be presenting at SQL Saturday #212 in Redmond tomorrow. My presentation will be on Common Table Expressions, and it is the first CTE presentation since my Common Table Expressions book released.  I have updated the presentation to include

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Common Table Expression accepted for SQL Saturday 212 in Redmond WA

My Common Table Expression presentation was accepted for SQL Saturday 212 in Redmond WA. This is the session that I am the most familiar with, and that I have presented the most times. I think this will be the 8th

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T-SQL 2012 Procedure sp_describe_first_result_set

SQL Server 2012 adds a new stored procedure called sp_describe_first_result_set.  This new procedure returns metadata for the result set returned from a query. The metadata is information about what the results will look like.  sp_describe_first_result_set is an alternative to sp_columns, and appears

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What twitter hash tags do you follow for SQL Server?

# The key to twitter is to follow the right hash tags.  What hash tags do you follow related to Microsoft SQL Server? Here are a few of the twitter hash tags that I follow: #SQLServer The generic SQL Server

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