February 2017 Release of Database Health Monitor

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Today I had the opportunity to complete and launch the February 2017 version of Database Health Monitor.

I hope you like the latest version. Here are the Release Notes:

Version 2.5 Release Notes – February 2017.

Version 2.5 is the February 2017 release of Database Health Monitor, released on February 19, 2017.

What People Are Saying About Database Health Monitor

  • Outstanding app. Already referred it to several friends in the field. Well I do have to say the changes you have made (regarding version 2.5), seems to have made everything in the interface much snappier. Your work here is quite impressive. (Frank from Texas)
  • Outstanding! Besides enjoying the layout of your app, one thing I really like about the Quick Scan Report is each entry has a corresponding link that discusses the finding so I can go back and review recommendations, cautions, etc. (Michael)

New Features in 2.5

  • Upgraded application to use the .Net 4.5 runtime.
  • Fragmented Indexes Advisor – added buttons to rebuild or reorganize all fragmented indexes. Wow this will save some time when you have a bunch of indexes to defragment.
  • Added historic monitoring for disk space. Still need to add reports, but the tracking is there.
  • Added a menu to the main application window. Removed the big buttons for Connect, Settings, and About, and replaced them with menu items.
  • Added a menu item to link to the feedback survey.
  • Rearranged some of the columns on the What is Active report to make it easier to see what is running right away without scrolling.

Bug Fixes in 2.5

  • Excluded databases that are in a state of “Restoring” from the backup status report.
  • Fixed a bug with the Sessions by Login page crashing. This was related to the .NET runtime upgrade.
  • The index fragmentation advisor was having difficulty on the second time that an index was attempted to be reorganized or rebuilt. It worked fine the first time, but the second index to reorganize failed. This bug has been fixed.
  • The Blocking Queries report for a database was showing the PID instead of the query when clicking on the grid view. This has been corrected to snow show the query.
  • Extended the timeout for running the Quick Scan Report. On really slow SQL Servers this sometimes takes longer than the original timeout of 90 seconds. The timeout for this report has been set to 10 minutes.
  • Added a check when loading the dbHealthSettings.xml file to confirm that the file contains valid XML. Fixes a crash when the file is corrupt for some reason.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the instance level memory report to always fail.
  • Fixed a bug in the QuickScan report when checking to see if the SQL Agent is running. Don’t check on Express Edition since the agent isn’t available on Express Edition.
  • Changed the wording on the log backup chain being broken by Veeam to be more generic referring to any third party type backup solution.
  • Fixed a bug for databases with a collation that uses a comma as a decimal separator that was causing the Instance Level Disk Space report to crash.
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2 comments on “February 2017 Release of Database Health Monitor
  1. Luis says:

    Hi Steve!

    Just want to say thanks for making this tool free.
    First time installing and it’s a GREAT tool to get to know the environment!

    Thank you so much for releasing this to the SQL Community! :)

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