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This Friday, October 14th I will be presenting at the Centricity Healthcare Users Group (CHUG) conference in Austin TX. The session is on “Tune, Monitor and Analyze the Health of Your Centricity SQL Server” and I will be co-presenting with Derrick Bovenkamp.

Here is the session abstract:

Misconfigured SQL Servers can slow down your overall system performance. Sometimes making a configuration change, or adding a maintenance plan can a large impact on the overall performance of your SQL Server both positively or negativity. Do you know if that last SQL Server setting helped or hurt your performance? Do you know how to tell?

First we will take a look at how to monitor SQL Server baseline health and throughput, using free and inexpensive SQL Server tools. Learn how to tell where your system bottlenecks are with this baseline analysis.

Next explore options and settings to improve TempDB performance, and what that means to your performance. Find out how to speed up backups and more importantly, the restore process. Learn things to avoid in your maintenance plans that can slow down your performance. With these and other SQL Server best practices, find out how to get your SQL Server running at is optimal performance level.

In this demo driven session, we will explore common SQL Server settings that can be adjusted to improve the performance of the SQL Server behind your Centricity EMR.

If you are at the CHUG conference in Austin TX please come check out this session, or just track me down to say Hi.

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