Podcast Episode 58: Four Ways to Stay Sharp with Technical Learning

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This week on the SQL Data Partners podcastPodcast Episode #58, we focused on Four Ways to Stay Sharp with Technical Learning. Learning


I can’t believe this is the 8th in a row of the SQL Data Partners podcast that I have had the opportunity to co-host. This week we didn’t have a scheduled guest so it was just Carlos Chacon and I discussing the ways to keep up on your technical learning.

Part of the focus is that technical learning is so much more than just picking up a book, or going to a class.

The areas we focused on were:

  1. Get involved with PASS events
  2. Participate or engage the community in some way
  3. Teach someone else
  4. Network and reach out

One of my favorite quotes from the podcast regarding learning at PASS event.

And it’s not just getting database people together. It’s getting fun database people together. I’ve been to other conferences where it’s not a lot of fun. But if you go to PASS events and Summit and SQL Saturday, everyone’s having a great time. You get to know people, and you can make some lifelong friends there perhaps.

Another great way to learn is to listen to all of the episodes in the SQL Data Partners podcast. I know that I have listened to all 58 of the episodes so far, and every time I learn something new.

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