Podcast Episode 57: the SQL Server Hit List – Our Least Favorite Features

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For this weeks SQL Data Partners podcast, Carlos Chacon and I followed up on one of the #sqlfamily questions that we usually ask at the end of the podcast.

If you could change one thing about SQL Server, what would it be?

The list that we came up with was:

  • Default file autogrowth settings
  • Default maintenance plans
  • Shrink database or Auto Shrink
  • NOLOCK Hints
  • Table Variables
  • Instance settings – Processors tab
  • SQL Server Log File Viewer
  • Sql Server Logs file history options
  • Spatial Data
  • Data Tuning Advisor
  • Activity Monitor

There was no guest this week, just Carlos and I discussing why we think these 11 things are problematic with SQL Server and should be changed, or better documented in one way or another. Check out Episode 57 today!

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