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In episode 53 of the SQL Data Partners podcast Carlos Chacon and I chat with Argenis Fernandez, storage guru and PASS Director-at-Large. We talk storage options, LUNs, IOPs, and why he thinks we all need to approach storage a lot differently.  This was a fun interview, I had a chance to learn quite a bit from Argenis. This might be one of those podcast episodes that I need to listen to twice for all that great information to soak in.

Some of the things we covered with Argenis…

  • Why Argenis thinks that drive letters are outdated… and what you should use instead
  • The “Argenis definition” of a LUN, IOPS, and more…
  • The information Argenis thinks all DBAs should know
  • The difference between LUNs, mount points, and data stores
  • How to partition your data files and logs in physical storage vs. in virtualized environments
  • How IOPS fits into the SQL Server storage environment
  • What you should worry about instead of IOPs

I love the reference to spinning storage (traditional hard drives) as spinning rust compared to flash storage.

Spinning Rust

Spinning Rust

So check out this podcast and the other episodes from SQL Data Partners.

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