SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition

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With previous versions of SQL Server to get the developer edition, it was usually available for around $50 USD at Amazon.com. With the introduction of SQL Server 2016 Microsoft has made the SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition a free download. It does however require registration with Visual Studio Online.

To get the SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the Visual Studio online page, and sign up for the Visual Studio Dev Essentials free program.
  2. Once you join, you will get an email confirming your membership.
  3. Login and click on the downloads link. Find the SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition and download it.

Its that easy.  Here is the link to the visual studio online page:



The SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition has the same features as the full Enterprise edition of SQL Server, the licensing however prohibits you from using it in a production environment. It’s great for developers and DBAs to use on their individual workstations or laptops.

There are many new features available in the SQL Server 2016 and with the Developer Edition, you can explore all of these.

This free download is a bit challenging to find on the Microsoft Visual Studio site, but once you find it at the link above you will be set.

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