Free SQL Server Training Videos

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Over the last year, I have published many videos to YouTube with Free SQL Server Training. You can find these on my YouTube Channel at the following link:


Most of the focus has been around training people for the 70-461 exam certification.

Full Length Free SQL Server Training Videos

Some of these are full length at around an hour to an hour and a half like this one on Time Functions, Logical Functions, and User Defined Functions.

Other videos are short and focused on a specif topic like this one on Using the TSQL DATEPART Function at just under 3 minutes.

Take a look, enjoy the videos, and hopefully learn something along the way. I hope that sharing these Free SQL Server training videos will help you become stronger at your SQL Server skills.


Need Help

Stedman Solutions, the provider of the Database Health Monitor Application offers consulting solutions, and can help with your SQL Server Administration needs.

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