Uzility – Importing Boards From Trello

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For Trello users it is quick and easy to get started with Uzility.


Just follow these simple steps and you will have your data migrated from Trello to Uzility in no time.

Log into your Trello account anc click through to the board you want to export. Click to open the menu area on the right side of the screen.


Choose the “Share, Print and Export…” menu item.


Choose the “Export JSON” option, the JSON file will open in your browser. Right click the browser showing the JSON file, and select Save As. Give the file a name on your local computer.




Now to import to Uzility

From the main dashboard page in Uzility click the “Import stories to your backlog” link.









Browse your computer to find the file you downloaded from Trello.

Click the upload button, and Uzility will create a board, and cards for you.



It is that quick and easy for Trello users to get started with Uzility.


See for more details or sign up today.


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