SQL Server FILESTREAM and FileTables

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Monday: Using FILESTREAM and FILETABLES in SQL Server

Configuring and Using FILESTREAM and FILETABLES in SQL Server.  Developers love to use SQL Server to store files, but this causes headaches for the DBA, finally a reasonable solution for file storage in SQL Server FILETABLES and FILESTREAM. SQL Server 2008 and 2012 add the new features of FILESTREAM and FILETABLES. Learn how to configure and manipulate files in your SQL Server with FILESTREAM, then learn how to do everything that FILESTREAM sounds like it should do with FILETABLES. With FILETABLES inserting is as easy as drag and drop.

Here is the outline for the presentation:

  • FILESTREAM – SQL Server 2008 and newer
    • Introduction and Configuration
    • Creating a Table Using FILESTREAM
  • FileTables – SQL Server 2012 and newer
    • Configuring and Creating FileTables
    • Insert, Update and Delete with a FileTable
    • Drag and drop with the file system


Here are the slides from the presentation and the supporting sample files.

Filestream and FileTables.zip


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