Startup Weekend Progress – 3Dconnect

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As the startup teams head into the final stretch for the weekend, this is getting really interesting.

Our Team as a Minimum Viable Product in place on our website system at


We have a business model in place that can generate revenue today while also connecting designers with people who have 3d printers.


As we have worked through building the business we have been using the Agile/Scrum development methodology. Through this our sprints have been 1 to 2 hours. We have completed 10 sprints so far and we are working on sprint 11 now.


We have used a window and post it notes to manage our kanban board, and we have had stand up meetings at the start/end of each sprint.


Here is our work area at Big Idea Labs, and it is a great environment to work in.  Thanks Tyler for hosting this.



Betwen 5:00pm and 7:00pm tonight we will be presenting our business to the judges.

Visit the site, and please sign up, or follow us on twitter @3dconnect_co

Having a great time!

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