SQL Server Crossword Puzzle

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SQL Crossword


2. Management Studio
5. The database that is used as a template when creating a new database
6. Using a backup
7. Reporting Services
9. An index that rearranges the structure of a table
12. The underlying structure of an index
13. Common Table Expression
20. Making queries run faster
21. An index that doesn’t change the structure of the table
22. The often misunderstood go-faster switch


1. A data type to hold international strings
2. A type of join where the left and right tables are the same table
3. The option used in a CTE that needs to recurse more than 100 levels
4. A type of join that produces a Cartesian product
8. A derived table
10. Not the consistency checker
11. The concept of everything a query needs being available in the index
14. Sometimes called the upsert
15. High Availability
16. Binary large object
17. Transact SQL
18. the two transactions collide
19. Codename for SQL Server 2012

Print the crossword puzzle and fill it in on paper.  The solution will be posted in a couple days.

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