A Great Day At SQL Saturday Redmond

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It was a great day at SQL Saturday today. I was able to preview my Common Table Expressions Book at my Common Table Expressions presentation.  The presentation was great, the room was packed, and there were lots of great questions.


Here is the lineup for the room that I presented in.  Just before me was Rick Morelan presenting on SQL 2012 Error handling, which was a spectacular presentation.

One presentation that I wish I had attended was the Machine Learning for Mere Mortals from Dev Nambi. Although the presentation that I went to in the same time slot was great, I wish I had been able to go to both.


The slides are available for download from the presentation here:  Steve Stedman CTE Presentation.

One thing that I had a hard time with during this presentation was being able to get all of the information covered in a hour.  After writing my Common Table Expressions Book I had so many things I my mind that I wanted to cover, but the time just didn’t allow for it.  I think that I will split the CTE presentation into two 1 hour sessions, first the introduction to CTEs for those who have not used CTEs in the past, and then the advanced CTEs for the really fun stuff.

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