What twitter hash tags do you follow for SQL Server?

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The key to twitter is to follow the right hash tags.  What hash tags do you follow related to Microsoft SQL Server? Here are a few of the twitter hash tags that I follow:


The generic SQL Server hash tag. Most anything goes on this hash tag.


The #SQLHelp hash tag is great when you need to get a question answered. May experts follow this hash tag and answer a wide variety of SQL Server questions. There are some general rules about not spamming this hash tag, and keeping it a pure Q and A mechanism.


General discussion about PASS and PASS events. When a major PASS event is happening there is a lot of activity on this hash tag.


General discussion about SQL Saturday events.

#SQLSatXXX where XXX is a number

Discussion about a specific SQL Saturday event.


Discussion between those who are part of the worldwide SQL Family… Those who thrive on SQL Server on twitter, and in the world at large.


Questions, answers and news about SQL Server Reporting Services.


Questions, answers, news, and gripes about SQL Server Management Studio. It’s common to read things like “lost all my work when SSMS locked up on me”.

What SQL Server hash tags do you follow?  Please post a comment with your favorite SQL Server related hash tag on twitter.  

Thanks, and keep on tweeting.

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2 comments on “What twitter hash tags do you follow for SQL Server?
  1. I also follow #SQLblog. It suppose to help replace [Blog].

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