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I had so much fun at SQL Saturday in Vancouver BC last year, I have decided to go again.

The sessions submitted are:

The “Run Faster” Switch

The NO_LOCK hint is often believed to be the “Run Faster” switch, but in reality can cause some very inconsistent results.   Explore alternatives to the NO_LOCK hint to get your queries to run faster.  Will READ_UNCOMMITTED help?  What about Snapshot Isolation Levels?  Then there is Read Committed Snapshot?  What impact does a function have in your query?  Join Steve Stedman as he dives into safe ways to get your queries to run faster.

Exploring the TSQL Enhancements in SQL Server 2012

SQL Server 2012 adds many new enhancements to TSQL. Learn how to use the windowing functionality of the OVER clause to create sliding aggregation. Find out about the new SEQUENCE object and when you should or should not use it to replace an IDENTITY. Learn the IIF function and CHOOSE function to replace a common simple CASE functions. OFFSET / FETCH will be covered to show you how to eliminate cursors or CTEs for data paging. With CONCAT you have an easier time building strings in your TSQL statements independent of the data type, and without concern over nulls. With these and other new TSQL enhancements you will be able to take full advantage of the power of TSQL in SQL Server 2012.

Unleashing Common Table Expressions in SQL Server

Have you ever wanted to create a recursive query, but didn’t see how to do it. With the Common Table Expressions class you will learn everything needed to start using CTE’s for recursive queries, as temporary views, and to use the result set multiple times in the same query. Learn how simplify query syntax using CTE’s. One of the most overlooked features of SQL Server is the CTE which not only simplifies the query, but gives you the ability to do things that would otherwise be impossible (or at least very challenging) with SQL Server. Learn how recursive CTE’s perform better than other methods to create hierarchical results. See how CTE’s compare to SQL Server 2012 offset and fetch paging techniques.

SQL Saturday in Vancouver was a blast last year.  This is going to be a great time.

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