5 Days Until Beta 3 of the Database Health Reports

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5 days until Beta 3 of the Database Health Reports.  Coming soon, and this one is going to be cool.  Although Beta1 and Beta2 had a number of great monitoring features Beta 3 takes a whole new approach.  All of the previous features in the database Health Reports report on the current status at the time you run the program.  With the Beta 3 there will be Historic Wait Monitoring which keeps track of your SQL Server when you are not watching it.  Then when you realize that was a problem you can go back and look at what may have been causing that problem.

Beta 3 will have Historic Wait Monitoring.  Here is an example screen shot of the Historic Wait Monitoring.  Beta 3 of the Database Health Reports will be available between 11/15/2012 and 11/20/2012.

Here is a preview of the Query Waits Advisor, which will be available soon in Beta 3.

For now if you want to be notified when the release is available, please register for the SteveStedman.com website, and you will get notified when the beta is ready.
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One comment on “5 Days Until Beta 3 of the Database Health Reports
  1. Matt says:

    Hello, what unit of measure is waittime being tracked? My initial thought was milliseconds, but after converting it out to hours, months, years, I’m seeing waits that are older than the database was created.

    SELECT DB.DBName, H.HostName AS [USER], P.ProgramName,
    wN.logTime, wn.waittime,
    CAST((wn.waittime/3600000) AS NVARCHAR(20)) + ‘:’ + –Hours
    CAST(((wn.waittime – ((wn.waittime/3600000)*3600000))/60000) AS NVARCHAR(20)) + ‘:’ + –Minutes
    CAST(((wn.waittime – (((wn.waittime)/60000)*60000)) /1000 ) AS NVARCHAR(20)) + ‘:’ + –Seconds
    CAST((wn.waittime-(((wn.waittime)/1000)*1000) ) AS NVARCHAR(20)) AS [Hours / Minutes / Seconds / Milliseconds],
    WT.LastWaitType, Q.query

    FROM dbo.waitsNormalized AS wN
    LEFT JOIN DBHealthHistory.[dbo].[waitsLastWaitType] WT ON wN.wait_type=WT.lwtID
    LEFT JOIN DBHealthHistory.[dbo].[waitsDBName] DB ON DB.dbnID = wN.dbname
    LEFT JOIN DBHealthHistory.[dbo].[waitsHostName] AS H ON H.hnID=wN.hostname
    LEFT JOIN DBHealthHistory.[dbo].[waitsQueries] AS Q ON Q.wqID = wN.wID
    LEFT JOIN DBHealthHistory.[dbo].[waitsProgramName] AS P ON wN.programname=P.pnID
    ORDER BY waittime DESC

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