Making Progress on the Server Health Re-write

Originally I implemented the  Database Health Reports as a series of SQL Server Reporting Services reports, which was very handy and easy to create, but hard to distribute in a way that they could be shared and customized to the needs of a project like the Database Health Reports should be.

Here is what I have so far, and I think that I am about a month and a half away from a Beta release, lets call it September 1st for the beta.  If you are interested in the beta, please register on this website, all registered users will be notified when the beta becomes available.

Here are a couple of sneak peak preview screenshots of the database health application.  This application includes reports on Backups, CPU by Query, Connections, Duplicate Indexes, Index Fragmentation, Long Running Queries, Plan Cache, Stored Procedure Performance, Statistics, Unused Indexes and much much more.

Here is a preview of the statistics report, and the Statistics Advisor.

So if you are interested in getting in on the Beta of the new Database Health Reports application, just register on this site and you will be notified when the beta becomes available, about the first of September.