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Using the TSQL IIF Function

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to use the IIF function on SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014 0r newer. This was originally part of my free SQL query training for the 70-461 certification exam. Here is the sample

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SQL Training – Functions (70-461)

In this presentation we will be training on TSQL Functions, there will be three sections. —Date and Time Functions —Logical Functions —User Defined Functions Here is the link to the Google On Air Broadcast where you can watch live (or

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SQL Sunday Fun – Word Search with New T-SQL 2012 Functionality

    Click on the grid to enlarge, then print it. Find the following words in the grid up, down, left, right, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. ROWS  RANGE  PRECEDING  FOLLOWING  UNBOUNDED  IIF  CHOOSE  OFFSET  FETCH  FORMAT  CONCAT  SEQUENCE  PARSE  TRYPARSE 

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Happy Birthday SQL Server 2012

It has been a year since SQL Server 2012 released. There were some fun posts on Twitter about the SQL Server 2012 birthday or anniversary. For instance: and another anniversary query (which doesn’t actually run): 1 year out since SQL

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SQL Server 2012 IIF Statement

SQL Server 2012 introduces the IIF statement. It is very similar to the IIF statement in MS Access. I have extracted the IIF part of my presentation on Whats new in SQL Server 2012, and turned it into a video

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Sessions submitted to SQL Saturday Vancouver BC

I had so much fun at SQL Saturday in Vancouver BC last year, I have decided to go again. The sessions submitted are: The “Run Faster” Switch The NO_LOCK hint is often believed to be the “Run Faster” switch, but

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My Top 10 TSQL Enhancements in SQL Server 2012

So far after playing around with SQL Server 2012 there are many new features to SQL.  Overall I think my favorites are in the Analytic Functions category.  Here is my breakdown of the top 10 transact SQL enhancements to SQL

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For years I have heard the question of how can I do an IIF in TSQL?  Honestly I never thought it would be that useful since the CASE statement is easy enough to use, but after seeing it in TSQL

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4 Sessions Submitted to Seattle Code Camp

It has been a busy week getting ready for  SQL Saturday Vancouver, planning sessions to present at future training’s and determining new material to present. Today I submitted 4 sessions to Seattle Code Camp for their June session. Using SSRS

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