Deleting from a CTE with an EXISTS statement

During my 24 Hours of Pass presentation on Advanced CTE’s today I was asked the question about deleting from a CTE when it uses an EXISTS statement that queries another table. I figured I would create quick blog post to show

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Advanced Common Table Expressions – 24 Hours of PASS

On Wednesday June 24th at 6:00pm pacific time or( 25 Jun 2015 01:00 GMT ) will be speaking at the 24HOP (24 Hours of Pass) conference which is broadcast online. I will be presenting on Advanced Common Table Expressions, and it is

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Week 7 Database Corruption Challenge Results

The seventh week of ten in the Database Corruption Challenge went well. There were a few new participants, and many of those who have competed week over week. The first to submit a correct answer this week was Raul Gonzalez. What was

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Difference Between TRUNCATE TABLE and DELETE FROM Table

Most DBAs know the usual difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE FROM, however one not so obvious difference between the two is how things are handled if the table is corrupt. For instance, if you look at the corrupt database from

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SQL Saturday #265 in Portland Oregon

I will be attending SQL Saturday #265 in Portland Oregon on November 16th 2013. This will be my second time attending SQL Saturday in Portland, and it is looking to be a great event. There are some great speakers on

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Common Table Expressions Presentations Updated.

I used to be able to do the Common Table Expression in a single 1 hour session, but after writing the book on Common Table Expressions, I discovered that I just can’t fit it into an hour with the detail

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Common Table Expression accepted for SQL Saturday 212 in Redmond WA

My Common Table Expression presentation was accepted for SQL Saturday 212 in Redmond WA. This is the session that I am the most familiar with, and that I have presented the most times. I think this will be the 8th

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