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Database Corruption Challenge #8 has Ended

With many participants and 16 who correctly solved Corruption Challenge week 8, the challenge has come to an end. The overall winner was Rob Farley, and there were several new participants this week. The scores page has been updated. Some

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When Database Corruption Strikes

Today I am presenting to the session “When Database Corruption Strikes” to the High Availability and Disaster Recovery PASS Virtual Chapter. Here is the abstract: You are working along month after month with no problems in your database. Suddenly someone

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Corruption Presentation

Today I had the opportunity to present When Corruption Strikes to the PASS DBA Virtual Chapter Meeting.  This was a lot of fun to be able to recap the previous 4 weeks of the Database Corruption Challenge, and share some of the

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Week 5 – Corruption Challenge

Welcome to the Week 5 Corruption Challenge.  If you have seen the t-shirt that I designed for the winner at the end of the 10 week period, please take a look. We are currently at the 5 week midpoint of

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Database Corruption Challenge T-Shirt

The Database Corruption Challenge (DBCC 2015) t-shirt is now available at CafePress. It looks something like this. Check it out and order one to show your participation in the Database Corruption Challenge. Last week, I mentioned that I would come up with prizes

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