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What is a Common Table Expression

I just a added a video to YouTube titled “What is a Common Table Expression”.  This video covers the extreme basics of what a CTE is on Microsoft SQL Server, and how to write that CTE in TSQL. Here is

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SQL Saturday #265 in Portland Oregon

I will be attending SQL Saturday #265 in Portland Oregon on November 16th 2013. This will be my second time attending SQL Saturday in Portland, and it is looking to be a great event. There are some great speakers on

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What is a Common Table Expression – Video

  Related Common Table Expression Links Sample Database for Common Table Expressions Writing Your First Common Table Expression with SQL Server Video: Writing Your First CTE with SQL Server Common Table Expressions – Terminating the Previous Statement CTE Scope Introduction

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SQL Server Crossword Puzzle

Across 2. Management Studio 5. The database that is used as a template when creating a new database 6. Using a backup 7. Reporting Services 9. An index that rearranges the structure of a table 12. The underlying structure of

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End of June Summary

June was an exciting month for me with Beta 6 of the Database Health Reports releasing at the beginning of the month, and this being CTE Month at SteveStedman.com to mark the release of my Common Table Expressions book. CTE

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Week In Review – June 15th 2012

It has been a busy week at SteveStedman.com. Here is a quick summary of this weeks postings: June 14th – CTE Data Paging June 13th – Query To Simulate CPU Load June 12th – Nested CTE’s Gone Wild – The Video June

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Introduction to Recursive CTEs

Day 7 of Common Table Expression Month (June) at SteveStedman.com, today we will be taking a look at the introduction to recursive CTEs. These queries will be using that database that was set up in a previous posting on the CTE_DEMO

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250th Blog Post at SteveStedman.com

This is my 250th blog post at Steve Stedman.com.  Many of the post over the last year have been focused on Common Table Expression topics as I finished my CTE Book, however with last month being DBCC Command Month here

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Common Table Expression (CTE) Month at SteveStedman.com

This month is going to be Common Table Expressions Month at SteveStedman.com.   My goal is to post one valuable post on a Common Table Expressions topic each day for the entire month. What is a Common Table Expression A

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Common Table Expressions Presentations Updated.

I used to be able to do the Common Table Expression in a single 1 hour session, but after writing the book on Common Table Expressions, I discovered that I just can’t fit it into an hour with the detail

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