SQL Server Performance for Developers

Classes available online or onsite.

I offer a 1 or 2 hour online or onsite class on SQL Server Performance for Developers.  To request a class use the Contact Steve page, please include your contact information including your email and a phone number.  I will get back to you to schedule a class.

Presentation Overview – SQL Server Performance for Developers

  • —Is Tuning Necessary for the Developer
  • —Understanding Tables and Indexes
  • —Understanding Execution Plans
  • —Statistics IO and TIME
  • —Understanding Table Size
  • —Procedure Cache and Parameterization
  • —Seven Deadly Sins
    • No DB Design
    • Bad Index Design
    • Not using Explicit Column Lists
    • RBAR
    • Calculations in the Where Clause
    • Dirty Reads
    • Believing Moore’s Law
  • —Tips For Writing Queries

Other SQL Server Performance links on this site.

Performance Presentations

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