New Analytic Functions in SQL Server 2012

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“Statistics can be made to prove anything—even the truth.”  SQL Server 2012 introduces 8 new analytic functions to TSQL to help with your statistical analysis of data.  Similar to aggregate functions, analytics functions compute over a group of rows with multiple results within each group.   These analytic functions allow you to compute moving averages and running totals over part of a group.  Join Steve Stedman to walk through examples and learn how to properly use each of the new analytics functions in combination with the 2012 enhancements to the OVER clause.  With CUME_DIST calculate the percentage of values less than or equal to the current value in the group.  Learn how LAST_VALUE and FIRST_VALUE to calculate highest and lowest values in a set.   Find out how PERCENTILE_DISC and PERCENTILE_CONT can be used to calculate the percentile on a continuous distribution of data, or on specific distinct values.  With LEAD and LAG you can look at data in the next and previous rows.  And finally learn PERCENT_RANK to determine the relative rank of rows in a group.  With this session you will learn how to be more than statistically significant with the SQL 2012 analytic functions.

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