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TSQL Aggregation Strategies and Aggregating Data

This weeks training as part of the Free SQL Training for the 70-461 certification course is now available on YouTube. This week we covered Aggregating Data and Aggregation strategies.  For more information on sessions, take a look at the Free

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Free SQL Server Training

I have been asked to help a development team with training so that they can all take and pass the SQL Queries 70-461 Microsoft certification. After looking it over and understanding all the topics needed for the 70-461 SQL Queries certification,

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SSMS Results In A Separate Tab

At the end of my SQL Saturday presentation today on Advanced Common Table Expressions, which is about the 12th time I have presented on CTEs, I was asked a question that I have been asked many times after I present.

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Introducing the Joes2Pros Academy

The new Joes2Pros Academy has just launched. The Academy provides an interactive classroom experience that can be accessed on your own time as you need it. This site has high quality content, quizzes and exams. Students can interact with other students and instructors

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End of June Summary

June was an exciting month for me with Beta 6 of the Database Health Reports releasing at the beginning of the month, and this being CTE Month at to mark the release of my Common Table Expressions book. CTE

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Allowing Inbound Connections to SQL Server on Windows Server 2012

A three and a half minute video showing how to configure SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server 2012 to allow for inbound connections on the default port of 1433. Steps: Configure SQL Server to use TCP connections. Allow inbound connections

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T-SQL: A Simple Example Using a Cursor

For more information on cursors, also take a look at the free SQL query training provided by Steve Stedman. In SQL Server the cursor is a tool that is used to iterate over a result set, or to loop through each

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SQL Server 2012 adds a new function called DateFromParts.  This new function simplifies the creating of a DATE type in TSQL over the older ways of doing it. The information here has been extracted from my SQL Saturday presentation on Whats New in

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Rows and Range, Preceding and Following

SQL Server 2012 adds many new features to Transact SQL (T-SQL).  One of my favorites is the Rows/Range enhancements to the over clause. These enhancements are often times referred to as the windowing functions. Overview: ROWS PRECEDING, FOLLOWING, UNBOUNDED, refers

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Select Favorite SQL Server 2012 Articles

The following articles are a collection of my favorite SQL Server related posts over the last 6 months. 3 Steps to Work More Efficiently in SSMS. Posted 2/17/2013 Recently the 3 Steps to Work More Efficiently in SSMS article was one of

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