Month: April 2015

Deadlock and Trace Flags 1204 and 1222

When you are looking for deadlocks there are, like most things in SQL Server, more than one way to find the deadlocks. This article is specifically focused on using the SQL Server ERRORLOG file located in the LOG directory for

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Database Corruption Challenge #2 – Alternate Solution

With week two of the Database Corruption Challenge being just as interesting as week one, and after seeing yesterdays blog posting showing the solution by Rob Farley, you might be thinking you are ready to take on corruption. If you

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Database Corruption Challenge #2 Winners

It is my pleasure to announce this weeks winners in the Database Corruption Challenge – Week 2. There were many great solutions submitted, and I hope that everyone learned something from this weeks challenge. My favorite part of the whole

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Week 2 of the Database Corruption Challenge

Welcome to week 2 of the database corruption challenge. Hi, I am Steve Stedman and I have created this challenge to help the best and brightest SQL Server DBAs on the planet test their skills and to show expertise to

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Next Corruption Challenge – To Be Announced Soon

The next Corruption Challenge will be announced soon. The Corruption Challenge from last week was a hit, and I am going to repeat it again this weekend. If you want to find out about the next corruption challenge, stick around,

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Difference Between TRUNCATE TABLE and DELETE FROM Table

Most DBAs know the usual difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE FROM, however one not so obvious difference between the two is how things are handled if the table is corrupt. For instance, if you look at the corrupt database from

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Corruption Challenge 1 – An alternative solution

After posting the winning solution for Corruption Challenge 1 from Brent Ozar, I realized that he and I both solved the corruption by using the REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS option on CheckDb. A very nasty move, however it did repair the corruption.  

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Another Corruption Challenge This Weekend.

As the weekend approaches and we head for another Database Corruption Challenge (DBCC) I want to remind everyone who is interested of being notified of the next event to sign up for my newsletter. Just click here to find out

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Corruption Challenge 1 – how I corrupted the database

Since the corruption challenge completed yesterday, I have had several request asking how I created the corrupt database. So here is the script that I used to create the Database Corruption Challenge 1. First the initial setup. Most of this

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Newsletter Mailing List Added

With all the interest in the Database Corruption Challenge, and the hundreds of email message I have exchanged with people over the last 3 days relating to the Database Corruption Challenge, I have decided to set up a newsletter mailing list

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