Year: 2013

Database Health Monitor – Beta 8 – Soft launch

Today I launched Database Health Reports Beta 8 as a soft launch. What I mean by the soft launch is that other than updating the DatabaseHealth website and this blog posting, I haven’t done much to promote it.  Why you

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SQL Server Performance for Developers

For the .NET programmer, Visual Basic programmer or PHP programmer, if you are accessing a SQL Server database there are some things you should know to performance tune your queries. Learn how to improve query performance with Indexes, how to

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SQL Server FILESTREAM and FileTables

Monday: Using FILESTREAM and FILETABLES in SQL Server Configuring and Using FILESTREAM and FILETABLES in SQL Server.  Developers love to use SQL Server to store files, but this causes headaches for the DBA, finally a reasonable solution for file storage in

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Speaking at Vancouver DevTeach this week.

This week I will be attending and speaking at Vancouver DevTeach. This event taking place on December 2nd to 4th 2013 at the Vancouver Sheraton Wall Center Hotel. Monday and Tuesday I have morning presentations which leaves the rest of

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A great weekend at Startup Weekend Bellingham

What a great time at Startup Weekend Bellingham this wekend. Now that I have had a chance to catch up on sleep and get back into my normal routine, I figured its a great time to write a summary. How

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Startup Weekend Progress – 3Dconnect

As the startup teams head into the final stretch for the weekend, this is getting really interesting. Our Team as a Minimum Viable Product in place on our website system at We have a business model in place that

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Startup Weekend End of Day Saturday

Wow, what a day!  Startup Weekend Bellingham has been a spectacular adventure. Please Help Me Out… by taking a look at the site, and if you are interested in 3d printing please register on the site.  Don’t worry we won’t

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Pitch Fest Before Startup Weekend

Tonight I attended Pitch Fest at the Big Idea Labs  in Bellingham, and I was one of two winners of the pitch competition. Pitch Fest is like a mini Shark Tank where you present up to a 3 minute pitch,

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2 Days Until Bellingham Startup Weekend

Just 2 more days until the Bellingham Startup Weekend. It all starts off Friday night by pitching your ideas, then over the weekend building a startup.I am looking forward to the startup weekend to meet other entrepreneurs and attempt to

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Advanced CTEs Slides and Sample Queries

My second presentation at SQL Saturday in Portland Oregon is Advanced Common Table Expressions. Here is the outline for the session. 1. Hierarchical Recursive CTEs 2. Manipulating Data 3. Common Use Cases 4. CTE Performance Considerations Download the presentation and

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