Agile in Simplified Terms

There is a great deal of confusion when people first take a look at Agile. This video is intended to be a quick introduction to Agile.

Introduction to Uzility

Here is a 5 minute video showing a quick introduction to Uzility Agile Workflow Management Software.

Take a look and learn about Uzility.


Introduction To Scrum – Video

Here is a video that I produced to introduce software development teams to Agile Scrum.


This video covers

  • Agile vs waterfall.
  • 3 roles of scrum
  • 3 artifacts of scrum
  • 3 ceremonies of scrum
  • User stories
  • Software options


Also, please take a look at Uzility for scrum software.


Scrum Workflow

I have been working on a video as part of the Uzility product. One of the diagrams in the video is scrum workflow that shows the scrum process from the product backlog all the way through to sprint review and retrospective.  Here is the diagram, what do you think?


The video will be coming soon.

New Uzility Card Designs. Which do you prefer?

As we have been building the Uzility agile product, we have been following agile development principles, following the release early, release often and get customer feedback.

There have been things that we have tried, and things that we have learned from, and updated or changed. Its interesting when you have a design for part of the system that you think looks good, then the graphics designers and UI/UX team takes a look at it and they provide new designs. It goes to show how valuable it is to have great designers on the team.

Here is an example, the card design prior to last week:

And the new look of cards in the Uzility system based on the designs from our graphics design team:

New Style 1:



New Style 2:



With both styles, the color of the card represents who the card is assigned to. Each user can choose their own color. Also with both, there are 4 icons that can be shown that represent Comments, Acceptance Criteria, Point Estimates, and File Attachments. If the icon is shown it means that those items have been entered on a card.

For instance, the following card which shown first with style 1, and style 2 has three icons. One that represents that there are 3 comments on this card / user story, the second shows that there is one acceptance criteria, and that the card has been estimated at 8 points.singleCard1



I hope that everyone agrees that both of these designs are better than the original, but that I am trying to decide on is which one to use as the default.  Both styles are available to the Uzility user, but which one should I set as the default for new customers.


New Style 1:



New Style 2:


Please cast your vote by posting a response to this posting, and let me know which style (1 or 2) should be the default.

This is part of what I love about agile so much is getting customer feedback.



-Steve Stedman

Founder Uzility

New feature added to Uzility – The Daily Scrum

A new feature has been added to Uzility and is now available to everyone using Uzility.

This new feature is called the Daily Scrum and it is available from the current sprints page as shown here. The intention is to assist in the daily scrum or daily standup meetings to highlight what people are working on or where they may be blocked.

If you run your Daily Scrum meetings near a large screen or a projection screen you can now use Uzility to easily report on your status.  If you don’t have electronic access, just print off your page and you will be ready to report at the Daily Scrum meeting.



When you click the Daily Scrum button you are taken to a page that lists all of the changes by anyone working on cards assigned to the current sprint. First you get a list of all changes, but when you click the names of people on the team you can see their contribution to the sprint in the last day (Since this is the daily standup).


Selecting the name of a team member the results are filter to show their latest contributions to the sprint.





As each team member reports on their status they get a quick refresher of the cards they have contributed to on the current sprint.

If a user has cards that they haven’t been able to work on they will be shown at the bottom of the daily scrum page.



This new feature will allow teams using Uzility to more accurately report on the status of their work at the daily scrum or daily standup meeting.


For more information visit