Next Weekly Free SQL Training: A Review

We are currently about 25% of the way through the SQL Server 70-461 exam preparation class, which has been available through Google On Air Broadcasts every Thursday at 9:00am Pacific time.

To celebrate the 25% mark, and to strengthen the training we have decided to do a review session on everything that we have covered so far.

You can watch via Google On Air Broadcasts at this url:

Brown Bag Lunch: LinkedIn Pro Tips & How to Build Your Personal Brand

This week I had a chance to sit in on a great presentation provided by Sydney Ratzlaff at Emergency Reporting.

I learned a few things, and was able to build out my LinkedIn profile based on her help.

Here are the slides from the presentation on SlideShare:


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Weekly SQL Training – MERGE Statement and Recursive Queries

The free SQL Server Queries weekly training is being presented by Emergency Reporting. The training is being presented by Aaron Buma and myself. This week we are covering two topics, first the MERGE statement will be covered by Aaron, then I will present on Recursive Queries. There MERGE statement is one of those that I was not familiar enough with when I took the certification exam 2 years ago. The recursive queries section was touched on a bit during the CTE presentation, here I will go into much more detail with additional samples.

You can download the slides and TSQL sample code here:

Here are the slides, located at slideshare:

And here is the video on my YouTube Channel:


This is a live broadcast that was available on Google On Air Broadcasts.

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Training Employees

Training Employees

A great conversation, not original, but something found on LinkedIn

For employee training, see our Free SQL Query Training program.


Using a Common Table Expression Instead of a Derived Table

Here is a short video that shows how to convert those ugly derived table (SubQuery) queries into a common table expression to help clean up your TSQL code. This applies to Common Table Expressions on Microsoft SQL Server, and the recording comes from my Free SQL Query Training course.



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Next Week’s Free SQL Training: MERGE Statement and Recursive Queries

Next week, on Thursday Feb 26th Aaron Buma and I, as part of the Free SQL Training provided by Emergency Reporting, will be presenting on the use of the MERGE Statement and how to do Recursive Queries. This is intended to help prepare TSQL Developers for the 70-461 certification exam.

Here is the basic abstract for the presentation:

This will be a free training provided by Steve Stedman and Aaron Buma at Emergency Reporting to prepare for the Microsoft 70-461 SQL Queries exam. This week we will be two topics, first on the MERGE Statement, then Recursive Queries.  This is provided free of charge to give back to the SQL community.

You can watch via Google On Air Hangouts at this link:

A week ago we touched slightly on recursive queries in the CTE presentation, in this session I will go into much more detail on the recursive queries.


For more information: