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Featured Report: Backup Status Report

As part of the Database Health Monitor version 2.1 release there were many new report includes, one of those was the backup status report. A quick way to page through all of your SQL Servers and check on the status

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Does SQL Server work with PHP

Coming from a SQL Server, and PHP background, I often get asked, does SQL Server work with PHP? The answer is YES. I have been using SQL Server and PHP together in a high availability load balanced environment with multiple data

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Can we use CTEs use in SSRS?

One of the common questions that I get asked after my Unleashing CTE Presentation is “Can we use CTEs in SSRS reports?” The answer is YES, Common Table Expressions work great in SSRS reports, one of my favorite ways of

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KeePass – to improve your process

Before proceeding with the article, please take this quick password safety test. Password Safety Test – Score one point for every YES answer.: Do you write your passwords down?  ( YES  /  NO ) Do you ever re-use a password

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