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February 2017 Release of Database Health Monitor

Today I had the opportunity to complete and launch the February 2017 version of Database Health Monitor. I hope you like the latest version. Here are the Release Notes: Version 2.5 Release Notes – February 2017. Version 2.5 is the

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Converting part of a result set to a comma separated list

One of the common task that I have come across is the need to convert a list of results into a comma separated list.  There are many ways to use this, one if which is in reports. Download the AsCSV.sql

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Creating Tables – Data Integrity, and XML

Teaching the Maintaining SQL Server 2005 class tonight. Week 3 – Creating Tables – Data Integrity, and XML Here is the slide deck for the class tonight.  DBA_Essentials_Class03_Creating_Tables_Data_Integrity.pdf

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