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SQL Server 2012 adds a new function called DateFromParts.  This new function simplifies the creating of a DATE type in TSQL over the older ways of doing it. The information here has been extracted from my SQL Saturday presentation on Whats New in

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T-SQL 2012 Procedure sp_describe_first_result_set

SQL Server 2012 adds a new stored procedure called sp_describe_first_result_set.  This new procedure returns metadata for the result set returned from a query. The metadata is information about what the results will look like.  sp_describe_first_result_set is an alternative to sp_columns, and appears

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Exploring the TSQL Enhancements in SQL Server 2012 – Slides and Sample Code

I just finished the Exploring the TSQL Enhancements in SQL Server 2012 presentation at SQL Saturday 166 in Olympia Washington. Thanks everyone who attended, I hope that you learned something useful. Here is the slides and sample code to download: Whats

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SEQUENCE Sample Code from SQL Saturday in Olympia WA

The sample code below is a quick run down of the new sequence object introduced in SQL Server 2012. Just part of my Whats New in TSQL 2012 presentation at SQL Saturday 166.

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Sessions Accepted for Seattle Code Camp 2012

I learned today that several of the sessions that I pitched for Code Camp 2012 have been accepted. Code Camp will be on Saturday June 16th 2012 in Redmond WA.   I am not sure why the call it Seattle

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