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Week 7 Database Corruption Challenge Results

The seventh week of ten in the Database Corruption Challenge went well. There were a few new participants, and many of those who have competed week over week. The first to submit a correct answer this week was Raul Gonzalez. What was

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How To Move TempDB Files

I was asked recently how to move TempDB on SQL Server. The question specifically was how to move the TempDB files to different drives. At that point I realized that I don’t have that posted to my blog, so here we go.

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Introducing the DataBase Corruption Challenge (DBCC) – Week 1 Challenge

Welcome to the DataBase Corruption Challenge, this is an about weekly blog challenge where I will post a corrupt SQL Server database with some details on what happened to it. If at this point you are already a bit irked

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Enabling Transparent Data Encryption on SQL Server 2014

To start with for Transparent Data Encyrption (TDE) we will need to be using Enterprise (or Developer) edition of SQL Server 2014. I am using SQL Server 2014 Enterprise Edition CTP1, which is the early release of SQL Server 2014.

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CTE Scope

Day 5 of Common Table Expression Month (June) at, today I will cover concepts around the scope of a CTE. The queries in the video will be using that database that was set up in a previous posting on

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Common Table Expressions – Terminating the Previous Statement

Day 4 of Common Table Expression Month (June) at, today I will cover the topic of terminating the previous T-SQL statement. These queries will be using that database that was set up in a previous posting on the CTE_DEMO Sample

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DBCC CheckFilegroup

Being day five of the DBCC Command month at, today’s featured DBCC Command is DBCC CHECKFILEGROUP. Description: DBCC CHECKFILEGROUP is used for a specific filegroup to check the disk allocation and structural integrity of all tables and indexed views.

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DBCC CheckAlloc

Being day one of DBBC Command month at, today’s featured DBCC Command is DBCC CHECKALLOC. Description: DBCC CheckAlloc checks and can repair disk space allocation structures for a database. DBCC CheckAlloc checks the allocation for all pages in the

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Rows and Range, Preceding and Following

SQL Server 2012 adds many new features to Transact SQL (T-SQL).  One of my favorites is the Rows/Range enhancements to the over clause. These enhancements are often times referred to as the windowing functions. Overview: ROWS PRECEDING, FOLLOWING, UNBOUNDED, refers

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T-SQL 2012 Procedure sp_describe_first_result_set

SQL Server 2012 adds a new stored procedure called sp_describe_first_result_set.  This new procedure returns metadata for the result set returned from a query. The metadata is information about what the results will look like.  sp_describe_first_result_set is an alternative to sp_columns, and appears

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SQL Server Performance Tuning

Need help with SQL Server Performance Tuning, contact Steve at Stedman Solutions, LLC for help, or take a look at the performance tuning page at the blog. We can help with tuning a single query or with figuring out why your SQL Server is running slow. Free 30 minute consultation.

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