T-SQL Technical Debt

Technical Debt is a programming concept that is also known as code debt. The concept of Technical Debt applies closely with Agile software development, but also applies to database development. There are many tools available to report on technical debt

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Big One Time Use Queries – Revisited

Just the same query that I posted months ago, but this time it is wrapped in a stored proc.  I use this one often enough that it is easier to just call the stored proc. Download the FindOneTimeUseQueries source code. TSQL example:

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Big One Time Use Queries

There is a newer version of this posting, click here. Part of my regular database maintenance or tuning routine is to look for the queries with cached plans that are taking up the most space, and have only been used

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varchar(max) and varbinary(max) Questions and Answers

The following applies to SQL Server 2008. How big of an allocation does max represent in the case of varchar(max) and varbinary(max)? Up to 2 ^ 31 – 1 bytes or just about 2gb.   Can I specify a varchar(9000)

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