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Beta 7++ Additional Cleanup on the Technical Debt

Again following the Agile philosophy of Release Early and Release Often, there is another minor release of Database Health Beta 7.  I called this one Beta 7++, the version has been updated to In this version the following minor

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SQL Server Technical Debt

As Beta 7 of the Database Health Reports approaches is just three weeks, the big new feature that has been added is the SQL Technical Debt Analysis. The SQL Technical Debt Analysis a great check for those areas that are

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One Thousandth Download of Database Health Reports

Today marks the 1000th download of the Database Health Reports in the last 11 months since Beta 1 was released. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to recap on the history of the database health report application. First

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T-SQL Technical Debt

Technical Debt is a programming concept that is also known as code debt. The concept of Technical Debt applies closely with Agile software development, but also applies to database development. There are many tools available to report on technical debt

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