Select Favorite SQL Server 2012 Articles

The following articles are a collection of my favorite SQL Server related posts over the last 6 months. 3 Steps to Work More Efficiently in SSMS. Posted 2/17/2013 Recently the 3 Steps to Work More Efficiently in SSMS article was one of

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Using a SEQUENCE object to generate letters.

SQL Server 2012 introduces a new T-SQL object used to generate numbers, a SEQUENCE, similar to an identity column. You can think of a sequence as a take a number object, you just ask it to give you a number, and you get

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SQL Saturday Presentation

I am at SQL Saturday in Vancouver BC today. Here is the download of my presentation. Download zip file. Here is the presentation outline. OVER Clause Enhancements ROWS PRECEDING, FOLLOWING, UNBOUNDED RANGE PRECEDING, FOLLOWING, UNBOUNDED IIF – Immediate IF or

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Are you wasting half the capacity of IDENTITY?

When creating a table you can specify IDENTITY with the following syntax: For example The IDENTITY property is valid for data types of the integer data type category, except for the bit data type, or decimal data type.  So how

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SEQUENCE Sample Code from SQL Saturday in Olympia WA

The sample code below is a quick run down of the new sequence object introduced in SQL Server 2012. Just part of my Whats New in TSQL 2012 presentation at SQL Saturday 166.

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TSQL 2012 – Generating letters with a SEQUENCE object

As shown in my previous posting on SEQUENCES, they are a user-defined object that generates a sequence of numeric values in Transact SQL 2012.  But what if you want to generate letters instead of numbers. Here is a code example of

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SQL Server 2012 – SEQUENCE

SQL Server 2012 introduces the SEQUENCE object.  Looking at the syntax it is very similar to how Oracle has implemented SEQUENCEs for many years.  I believe that the SEQUENCE was introduced to aid in the transition of Oracle developers to

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4 Sessions Submitted to Seattle Code Camp

It has been a busy week getting ready for  SQL Saturday Vancouver, planning sessions to present at future training’s and determining new material to present. Today I submitted 4 sessions to Seattle Code Camp for their June session. Using SSRS

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