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What is a Page Split

Tables, and indexes are organized in SQL Server into 8K chunks called pages. If you have rows that are 100k each, you can fit about 80 of those rows into a given page. If you update one of those rows

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Deleting from a CTE with an EXISTS statement

During my 24 Hours of Pass presentation on Advanced CTE’s today I was asked the question about deleting from a CTE when it uses an EXISTS statement that queries another table. I figured I would create quick blog post to show

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Database Corruption Challenge Week 7 – Alternate Solution

The alternate solution to the Database Corruption Challenge this week was created by Patrick Flynn. This solution is the only solution to successfully recover all the data without using any of the backups. If the challenge had been structured differently

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Week 5 – Alternate Solution

Here is how I solved Week 5 of the Database Corruption Challenge. The following steps were tested and confirmed working on SQL Server 2008R2, SQL Server 2012, and SQL Server 2014.   To oversimplify, here are the steps: Restore the

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Corruption Challenge Week 4 – The Winning Solution

Congratulations to Randolph West who won the corruption challenge this week with the following solution which restored all of the data. First he restored the database to get started. Note some of his code and comments have been reformatted to

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Using the TSQL CHOOSE Function

Here is a short video tutorial that shows how to use the CHOOSE function in T-SQL on SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2014 or Newer. This was originally part of my free SQL query training for the 70-461 certification exam. Here

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Using the TSQL COALESCE Function

Here is a short video tutorial that shows how to use the COALESCE function in T-SQL on SQL Server. This was originally part of my free SQL query training for the 70-461 certification exam. Here is the first sample code

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T-SQL: A Listing Databases Example Using a Cursor

In SQL Server the cursor is a tool that is used to iterate over a result set, or to loop through each row of a result set one row at a time. It may not be the best way to

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SQL Sunday Fun – Word Search with New T-SQL 2012 Functionality

    Click on the grid to enlarge, then print it. Find the following words in the grid up, down, left, right, horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. ROWS  RANGE  PRECEDING  FOLLOWING  UNBOUNDED  IIF  CHOOSE  OFFSET  FETCH  FORMAT  CONCAT  SEQUENCE  PARSE  TRYPARSE 

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CTE Data Paging

Day 14 of Common Table Expression Month (June) at, today we will be taking a look at data paging with CTE’s and how it compares to the offset and fetch in T-SQL 2012. Now on to CTE Data Paging. These queries

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SQL Server Performance Tuning

Need help with SQL Server Performance Tuning, contact Steve at Stedman Solutions, LLC for help, or take a look at the performance tuning page at the blog. We can help with tuning a single query or with figuring out why your SQL Server is running slow. Free 30 minute consultation.

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