TSQL – Change Data Capture

You have a need to keep track of all insert, update and delete actions on a table, or multiple tables. As you consider solutions, you might think about using a trigger, however triggers have their own baggage. You consider using

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TSQL OUTPUT Clause With UPDATE Statements

Earlier in the week I added a blog entry on using the OUTPUT Clause on INSERT Statements, today I will expand it by exploring the use of the OUTPUT clause with UPDATE statements. Generally when you do an UPDATE statement you only

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TSQL OUTPUT Clause on Insert Statements

One of the often overlooked features of SQL Server is the OUTPUT clause, which applies to INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, and MERGE statements. In this post we are going to go over the basics of using the OUTPUT clause on an

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Using the OUTPUT Clause in TSQL for Auditing

The OUTPUT clause is often times underappreciated by the TSQL programmer.  There are many really interesting things that you can do with the OUTPUT clause, from inserting to two tables with one statement or to replace the SCOPE_IDENTITY option.  For

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