Whats your favorite SSMS time saving hotkey?

Recently I have been on the LEAN improvement quest to make a 2 second improvement in my process every day.

Part of that improvement is to avoid switching to the mouse when you don’t have to.  Here are some shortcut keys that I find very useful in SQL Server Management Studio, some of which I just discovered recently.

Window + L – Lock my Computer

F5 – My all time favorite – in a query window execute the query.

CTRL+M  - Turn on/off Actual Execution Plan

CTRL-F6 switch between top tabs

F6 switch between tabs (ie Editor, Results, Messages…)

CTRL-TAB window manager

Alt+F1 for sp_help and a list of its fields

CTRL+SHIFT+U  - shift word to uppercase

CTRL+SHIFT+L  - shift word to lowercase

Ctrl+K+C  – Comment block of text
Ctrl+K+U  – UnCommnet block of text

What are your favorite keyboard shortcuts in SSMS?

Please post your favorites.

KeePass – for security and time savings

After a recent tour at a couple companies who are using the LEAN process, I have decided to take on LEAN in my everyday work.

This is the first in what I think will be many videos on the Lean Office topic.

Click the link below to watch the video.



For more info on KeePass see the detailed article with instructions on using KeePass.


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