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Epic Life Goal Completed: Speaking at PASS Summit – Advanced CTEs

Last week I had the great opportunity to speak at PASS Summit 2015. My presentation was on Common Table Expressions.   Here is the sample code from the presentation. AdvancedCTEs.zip   Related Links: Common Table Expression (CTE) Month at SteveStedman.com (introduction)

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Using a Common Table Expression Instead of a Derived Table

Here is a short video that shows how to convert those ugly derived table (SubQuery) queries into a common table expression to help clean up your TSQL code. This applies to Common Table Expressions on Microsoft SQL Server, and the

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What is a Common Table Expression

I just a added a video to YouTube titled “What is a Common Table Expression”.  This video covers the extreme basics of what a CTE is on Microsoft SQL Server, and how to write that CTE in TSQL. Here is

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Introduction to CTEs Slides and Sample Queries

Today I am at SQL Saturday Portland Oregon, and at 9:00am I am presenting the Introduction To Common Table Expressions session: Here is the abstract: Have you ever wanted to create a recursive query, but didn’t see how to do

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Recursive Scalar Function in T-SQL

In my Common Table Expressions presentation the topic of recursion often comes up, but for scalar functions in T-SQL, it might not be as common. This article has been written to show how a scalar function in SQL Server can

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SQL Server Memory Hog Query

The article could be named, “How to use up all of your SQL Server available memory with a single CTE query.”  Another name for the article could just be “SQL Server Bug Report” depending on how you look at it.

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SQL Saturday #172 in Portland Oregon

Its going to be a great day!   Ready for SQL Saturday 172 in Portland today, looking forward learning lots, and sharing my CTE Presentation with those who want to learn about Common Table Expressions. Please come to my CTE

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Common Table Expression – links

Here are a few links to some of the other CTE examples used during my Common Table Expressions presentation. Using a CTE in a Function to Split Up a Query String Using a CTE to Split a String Into Rows

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SQL Lunch UK

Today I started the day early with a great presentation for the SQL Lunch UK group on Common Table Expressions. For those who attended the presentation here is the Zip file with the Powerpoint and the SQL code from the

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Fibonacci Sequence

As part of my CTE research for my SQL Saturday presentation in Redmond in 2 weeks I decided to take on some classic computer science algorithms with CTE’s. Here is what I cam up with. Any math geek can tell

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